Shit, I Need A Title Again

Football + Solidarity

Liverpool vs. Fulham recapped

Reina was everyone’s mother today

Johnson was basically the English Bruce Willis

Coates was a giant, dear lord, can we use the man as a statue?

Wisdom still has to do something about that name

Downing got demoted and just kicked the ball off other players in frustration for corners

Carragher had to baby sit 10 ‘grown men’

Lucas was a lucky little bastard

Henderson cemented his place at the top as King of Bad Decisions, a true honor amongst Liverpool players

Voldemort still looks legitimately terrifying

Coutinho still didn’t apologize for stealing Suso’s haircut

Messi looked a bit taller today, and blacker

Enrique literally still has me wondering how the fuck he grew his hair that fast

Borini made fun of Schwarzer’s mom or something

Coady got his Prem debut but fucked up the recap

And Rodgers dressed like a bloated version of the godfather

  • 12 May 2013
  • 55